Social Security Legal Help

Quality Social Security does not require roadside signs and flashy promotion. McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC, attorneys have been successfully representing Social Security claimants in the Eastern Kentucky for more than forty years.

In addition to our attorney who represents people at the hearings, we also employ a Social Security paralegal whose job is to gather the pertinent records so your case moves as swiftly as possible.

We recognize that no one wants to be on Social Security. The proud claimants we represent would much rather be working. Unfortunately, time, age and sometimes bad luck inevitably rob all of us of our ability to work. This is particularly true for our clients who have worked in physically demanding jobs such as steelworkers, ironworkers, carpenters and all construction trades who build this country with their sweat and labor.
Social Security Benefits Form - Law Firm in Greenup, KY
Our attorneys appear regularly for Social Security hearings in Portsmouth, Ohio, Huntington, West Virginia and Lexington, Kentucky. We represent people who have Social Security cases due to physical and mental disabilities.

Because of our hard work and large staff, we are able to give you an advantage in your Social Security case by getting your records quickly and efficiently. Once these records are in hand, we can make sure your case moves as speedily as possible through the Social Security process and that you are represented by an attorney who has more than twenty years of experience in Social Security work.
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